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About us

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief introduction to TightShip Oil & Chemicals GmbH. In a world where we are dealing with a fast-paced bunker market, a personal connection is all too often lost in the process. Short term goals are the norm and at times it seems that service is a second tier concern. As you might know, TightShip Oil & Chemicals GmbH is an establishes supllier of MGO in The Netherlands, Belgium and  Germany. We have made a conscious decision to involve ourselves in this difficult market with a set of strict ground rules. They are quite simple, but we firmly belive it is what had proves to set us apart from our competitors.


We supply marine gasoil exclusively. This decision is two-fold. Firstly there is a global increase in demand of Marine Gasoil. We want to convince all clients of our knowledge

and competitiveness and reafirm ourselves as your main supplier of Marine Gasoil. But more importantly, we believe anything besides distillated does not fit ou company profile. We all require oil to keep us going, however, we pride ourselves in our efforts to minimize our carbon footprint.


We are here to stay! In the reatively short period of being operational, we have firmly rooted in the market and our policy is very long-term minded.


If you would like more information about TightShip Oil & Chemicals GmbH or if you have any questions or requiries, please contact me or anyone else from our sales team.

We hope to hear you soon.


Mr. Ben Hoogenkamp

Executive Director of TightShip Oil & Chemicals GmbH

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Contact us

Rotthusstrasse 23

CH-6331 Hunenberg


Tel: +41 4 179 21 110

Mob: +31 6 532 08 392


Raadhuisstraat 4-8

4797 AX Willemstad

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 0 180 611 482

Mob: +31 6 532 08 392


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